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Black Ocean Gothic Font

After creating many types of fonts, this time Font Kong is back with a new type of font called Black Ocean Gothic Font. Seen from all sides such as the shape and also the impression it creates, this font is part of the Black Ocean Gothic Font. This font was created with inspiration coming from the Middle Eastern Art of Calligraphy. Black Ocean Gothic Font is here to bring a new color to the Blackletter world. It is made to add a wide selection of online fonts that are ready to use digital and print.

Black Ocean Gothic Font has a shape that indicates it is part of Blackletter Middle Eastern inspired just by looking at it. If you look closely, you can feel the significant influence of Middle Eastern calligraphy art on this font form. Black Ocean Gothic Font has an overall characteristic where the font is constructed of many trenchant and bold lines. This font also branches with small curved lines that resemble young leaves. All of these design elements create symbolic structure and meaning instead of purely naturalistic representations of ideas. From this explanation, we can understand that this font is not only part of the Blackletter family of fonts, but also belongs to the category of display and decorative fonts.

Black Ocean Gothic Font is not designed for use in large text or with large font sizes. Because seeing how the shape is quite complicated, it belongs to an illegible font. Regardless of how easy/difficult this font is to read, we can imagine how it fits into various fixtures. Black Ocean Gothic Font is one of the best fonts to use in horror books or mystery novels. This font also works when used to create horror movie posters, and horror-themed parties like Halloween or used on behalf of some metal bands and their album covers. Not only that, but Black Ocean Gothic Font can also be combined as their trademark such as; t-shirts, jackets, and denim pants.

Chaotic font forms, demanding the reader to pay extra attention and focus at this time. However, it is this chaotic energy that is the hallmark and identity of this artistic font. When typed in dark colors, this font creates a stunning gothic atmosphere. Seeing the many matches using this font, it is hoped that the presence Black Ocean Gothic Font can answer your confusion about having the most appropriate font.

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Black Ocean Gothic Font

by KongFont
November 6, 2021

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