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the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog

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Kids Edition Embroidery Font, Embroidery Bx Font, Kids Edition Font For Embroidery, Embroidery Kids Font

Talking about embroidered fonts will be very fun. Their appearance looks very warm and smooth making anyone who sees it will be amazed. This time, we present a new type of Embroidery font, called Kids Edition Embroidery Font. We created this font for digital and print use. You can also choose different file sizes and kinds to use.

Kids Edition Embroidery Font is made with the appearance of standing parallel to the shape without any breaks. The font is not decorated with any lines or strokes, so it looks clean. The curved body in this font is perfect and has the same line width. This characteristic makes Kids Edition Embroidery Font display the impression of modern and unique when viewed carefully and combined with appropriate objects.

The application of this font can be on personal objects or mass products that will be traded. Many products are suitable when using this font in them. Some of them are your things such as mattresses, pillows, and dolls that will look good if you use the Kids Edition Embroidery Font on the embroidery. Kids Edition Embroidery Font can also be added to things you make with your own hands. You can take the time to embroider this text yourself and match it with warm colors like yellow, brown, and pastel colors.

On the other hand, confectionery businesses that will issue mass products such as sweaters, hoodies, and hats can also use this font for printing purposes in large quantities. The use of this font can be on the logo and the writing on these objects so that the object will emit a warm and simple image.

If you are interested in using this font, you can view the catalog in our account. Our embroidered fonts collection is compatible for use as Figma fonts, Canva fonts, Freepik Fonts, and Adobe Fonts. They also work as Windows Fonts and Apple Fonts. For your social media needs, you can use and install the fonts in our collection.

Format Included with this collection :


b. DST (Tajima)

c. EXP (Melco/Bravo, Bernina USB Stick)

d. HUS (Husqvarna,Viking,Pfaff)

e. JEF (Janome/Elna/Kenmore)

f. PES (Brother/Babylock & Deco)

g. VP3 (Husqvarna,Viking,Pfaff)

h. XXX (Singer,Compucon)

This design with 7 sizes :

a. 1 inch - Fill Stitch

b. 1.25 inch - Fill Stitch

c. 1.5 inch - Fill Stitch

d. 1.75 inch - Fill Stitch

f. 2 inch - Fill Stitch

g. 2.5 inch - Fill Stitch

h. 3 inch - Fill Stitch

Thank you so much for purchasing our product! If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us. We would be happy to assist you in any way possible.

Kids Edition Embroidery Font, Embroidery Bx Font, Kids Edition Font For Embroidery, Embroidery Kids Font

by KongFont
October 19, 2022

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