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Thorns Blackletter Font

After making many typefaces, Font Kong is back with a new type of font called Thorns font. From all angles, this font is part of the modern Blackletter font. Even though it's modern font, this font still carries the spirit of old blackletter fonts. This font was designed and restated with a more expressive style than traditional blackletter fonts. Thorns was created to add a variety of fonts ready for use online and in print.

Thorns font has a shape that shows it's part of Blackletter font just by looking at it. If you look closely, this Thorns font looks like a wood carving surrounded by sharp spikes, almost like a dragon's tail. From that explanation, we can imagine how this font will fit with various equipment.

Thorns font is perfect for tattoo designs as it helps to convey the owner's fierce expression. Not only that but this font can also be used for lettering on t-shirts, jackets, and hats. If you want to use it for printing, you can use this font to create a cover for a mystery book, or a rock and roll-themed poster.

Seeing the suitable fonts used, it is hoped that Thorns font can be the answer to your confusion in choosing the most appropriate font. For your social media needs, you can use and install fonts in our collection of blackletter fonts to use as Instagram Fonts, Facebook Fonts, and Twitter Fonts. As well as applying this font can use in several applications, such as Figma fonts, Canva fonts, Freepik fonts, Adobe fonts, Google fonts, Instagram fonts, and Social Media Fonts.

For our customers, we provide a collection of The Best Blackletter Fonts, each with its own unique styles and characteristics, so that our customers can create any design they want. We know what our clients love! That is why we prepare everything you may need in one simple downloadable package for you. Our easy-to-grab package contains all of the files you will ever need to create beautiful typography!

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The font is compatible with both Windows and Mac

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Thorns Blackletter Font

by KongFont
September 13, 2022

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